SNMP Agent Custom Port

The Netlistener OPC-Server is a convenient network watchdog. It provides status data on network devices through SNMP ICMP.
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HST Padberg
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SNMP Agent Custom Port

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Hello together,
i got a problem to connect to a custom SNMP port.

the situation so far:
on a pc system with win 7 had been installed an APC agent for UPS connection. This agent support an SNMP service to present all informations like remaining runtime, model, installation date etc.
But with the snmp service running on the os, the port 161 is blocked.

So i tried to configurate the agent to use port 1610. works fine.. with the iReasoning MIB Browser this data are available.
But the OPC-Netlistener could not read this data. One of the used adress was:

Value (int): empty

MIB Browser:
Name/OID: upsBasicIdentModel.0;
Value (OctetString): Smart-UPS 1500
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Re: SNMP Agent Custom Port

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It is not possible to change the port for OPC-Netlistener. Sorry.

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