ExMixedFolders Mass Config

Synchronize or migrate your Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes or folders with the ExMixedFolders Exchange service.
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ExMixedFolders Mass Config

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Is there a way to import a sync for all PublicFolders or can I manually edit a conf file in order to achieve this?

I am using the tool to synchronize PublicFolders in one exchange org to another exchange org, this requires only 2 mailbox connections and seems to work as I create the syncjobs one by one, but is there a way to create them easier?

Also, I have noticed where there are issues selecting Public Folders if the destination is on the right side of the GUI. If I put the destination on the left I can select everything no problem as well as being able to select any source folder when the source is on the right or left.

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Re: ExMixedFolders Mass Config

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There is a way to massgenerate Jobs. For this you must use the impersonation mode. After that, you can create one job as a template. Now click into one userfield and select from menu. Here you can enter the eMail adresses for every mailbox-user you want to sync.

If you are on the right side, you can select everything. If the tool knows which foldertype you have selected, it Shows only folders with the same type on the other side.

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