"Your Sharename is already in use!"

Synchronize your Outlook on two or more machines. OLFolderSync works in the background through e-mail and can be password protected.
OLFolderSync does not require a server.
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"Your Sharename is already in use!"

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Today I started using the trial version of OLFolderSync to sync calendar data between two Outlook 2007 accounts.
The two outlook (native Exchange) accounts have two different Email addresses and are configured in two different outlook profiles on my Laptop under Windows 7.

My understanding is, that I can use OLFolderSync for this. So I configured OLFolderSync under the Email account A for the "Calendar" Folder with the Sharename ABC.
Then I restart Outlook with a different profile. There I did configure OLFolderSync also for the "Calendar" Folder with the same Sharename. When press apply or ok i get the error message: "Your Sharename is already in use!"

Did I misunderstand this concept?

Please advise! Do you need more information?

best regards, Mike
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Re: "Your Sharename is already in use!"

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It can handle different profiles, but it checks if you are using the same sharename in all profiles. In your case it looks like this is a problem because you want to sync two accounts from one computer to one account on another? If so. I can change the behavior for you. If you have no time. I can give you a solution for the registry, which should work.
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