Installation problems

Synchronize your Outlook on two or more machines. OLFolderSync works in the background through e-mail and can be password protected.
OLFolderSync does not require a server.
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Installation problems

Post by JosSchaars »

Tried to install the registered version of OLFolderSync.
Documentation wasn't clear, so I at first I didn't uninstall the trial version. Went OK, but the experation reminder popped up.
So I unstalled both and did a reinstall. This time I got the message:

Module C:\Program Files\Somebytes\OLFolderSync\OLFolderSync.dll failed to register.
HRESULT - 2147010895
Contact your support personnel.

Tried it on another PC, first unstalled the trial version, same result.
Funny enough, I can however reinstall the trial version w/o any problem.

Operating system is XP Home, Service Pack 2
Date of trial installation files: 1-2-2008
Date of registered installation files: 27-1-2008

Tried it also the combination of setup.exe of the trail version and msi of the registered version with thesame results.
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Re: Installation problems

Post by Sven »

Please try repair after the setup.

Also, you can mail my, and i will send you a newer setup version.
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