Time it takes to Synch

You want to synchronize your Mobile Phone with other Microsoft Outlook folders than default-folders? So you can have a look at OLMixedFolders.
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Time it takes to Synch

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I have a personal folder calendar which I set up so i can see it in the user calendars. This then also synchs with an Iphone, it is set for both ways.

It appears to work but if I set an appointment it seems to take ages to show in the other calendar. Is there somwhere I can set the synch timing up better or manually force it, but prefer quicker synch. I am working in Outlook.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Time it takes to Synch

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The process is only able to work in automatic mode. There is no chance to change that behavior. At the first time OLMixedFolders will open every item directly from the exchange server so this needs a long time. But after the basicsync process is over, you will see the changes much quicker because OLMIxedFolders have to chack only for changes since the last sync.

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