Can't get this working - please help

The Exchange service EEAttachments can save your attachments or mails automatically to your file-system and process it by your own scripts.
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Can't get this working - please help

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I downloaded the trial version of this software to try as it seems to do exactly what we need it to, but we can't seem to get it to work. The EWS connection says OK' in green but the logs state 'failure to connect to remote server' and attachments to the specific account are not going to the share we set up.

I have this running on Server 2008 R2 at the moment. We did have it running properly and connected to the Exchange server on a workstation prior to this.

Any help would be appreciated - we really want to purchase this software but want to make sure it is working first.

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Re: Can't get this working - please help

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The first problem I don't understand, may I have to check it by remote connection or you send me the log to my mailaddress. ( )
But the second Problem could be that you don't have enough rights to save to the share. Please check which user starts the service EEAttachments in Windows - Services and change it to the user who can save files on the share.
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