Office 2010/Win7 Exchange offline

You want to synchronize your Mobile Phone with other Microsoft Outlook folders than default-folders? So you can have a look at OLMixedFolders.
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Office 2010/Win7 Exchange offline

Post by dlocke » Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:03 pm

We recently purchased quiote a few licenses but have been having problems with OL Mixed folders on many machines. They are all either Windows XP Pro with Office 2003, or with Office 2010. One machine is Windows 7/ Office 2010.

Problem #1- we cannot seem to get these installtions registered. The field disappears!
Problem #2- I was able to get the Windows 7/Office 2010 machine registered, but I am getting an error from OLMF that says 'Exchange Offline', when it is not offline. We used a hosted Exchange email service.

Problem #3- what will happen to OLMF when we move to an Exchange server with another name? We're ready to migrate to a newer one, and I'm concerned about OLMF not working anymore.


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Re: Office 2010/Win7 Exchange offline

Post by Sven » Tue Dec 20, 2011 2:33 pm

1.) If you don't see the "input licence" on the dialog, your OLMixedFolders is registered.
2.) I' am not sure what problem this can be, OLMixedFolders is making it's own connection to the Exchange Server. If you wan't, I can make a remote connection to the affected computer.
3.) OLMixedFolderswill work also on the newest version of Exchange. But you need to reconfigure the OLMixedFolders Settings. Because your folder id's will be changed, after the move.

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